Friday, March 19, 2010

Hills Hills Bo Bills

Before the birth of my first child (hereafter referred to as "C"), I was training for a marathon. I never ran it. It fell on the same day as a 10 hour rehearsal. In my petulant state, I ran a 40K run the day before just to prove that I could have run it. (Yes, I know a marathon is 42K, but I figured that in an actual competition, I could find a way to drag myself through the last 2K). The next weekend, I took a pregnancy test, and my goal of a marathon was put on hold.

Now, over two years after the birth of my second child (who shall be known here as "G"), I have yet to run a marathon. In fact, I haven't run longer than 14K at any one time. I gave myself some leeway, saying that I have two small children at home, and I just don't have the time. Which is true.

The other day, I found out an acquaintance of mine - who coincidentally has two children the same age - is not only training with the group that I used to train with, but she runs half marathons on a fairly regular basis. And, she's fast. Well, I'm nothing if not competitive. I figure if she can find the time and the drive to get back into it after two kids, then so can I.

So I've set my sights on a half marathon in September. Which means somehow increasing my distance and including speed workouts when I can. This morning, I tried to do a hill workout for the first time in over five years.

Wow. I suck.

I planned to do an easy run to the hill, do the hill seven times, then an easy run back to the house. Well, the easy warmup run was good. The hills? Not so much. Hills are easily my worst workout at the best of times, but after a 5 year + hiatus, they were horrendous. Back then, I had a trainer timing me and pushing me to do better. I had other people to run with to make it a fun and friendly competition. Today it was just me.

Hills 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7 were lazy and made me want to puke. Hill 3 was good, but only because I passed two walkers on the way down and wanted to impress them on the way back up with how "fast" I am. What can I say? I'm an actor. I always perform better with an audience.

Now, my legs are like jello and I'm humbled by how much work I have to do.

But, it's a start.


kgirl said...

Hooray for new spaces! Still don't understand the running thing, but damn, you look good, so I think I'd better give it another shot. But hooray for new spaces!

(I will warn you that the commenting system is super annoying - even though I am a Blogger blogger, I have to post it like 3 times before it sticks - it's not just you.)

painted maypole said...

goals are good. think of it as opening night. you'll be ready. ;)

Anonymous said...


Mimi said...

Hey hon -- nice to see your new digs. Hills, eh? Hm. Let me know how that goes. I would start running again, but truth? Um, the bladder control is not what it used to be. Wah!

kittenpie said...

Well, *I* am super impressed.
And after dragging home an extra large slide on the subway the other night, my arms were like jello and then ached for two days, so I can also relate a little to the overdoing it, though I'm not in training to do that multiple times a week. I'm far too lazy. and tired.

Beck said...

Hey! New blog! Nice!
I can barely run down my street, so you have my severe admiration. But my knees are crap, so running is not in my future. Napping? Yes. Easy on the knees. (good luck!)

Haley-O said...

I can't run. I always get injured. So major KUDOS! You can DO IT!

Mamalooper said...

Love the new space and woo hoo on the running. Went myself twice last week during the warmer days. Much motivation when it's sunny out!

Denguy said...

Good for you, young lady. Perhaps I'll see you on the trails.